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General Notes

Brush your fursuit parts before and after each wear.

Alcohol can be used to disinfect fursuits, but note that it dissolves hot glue. Alchohol is frequently present in disinfecting fursuit sprays.


Spot cleaning with a damp rag and light disinfecting with alcohol spray should be all that's needed to keep tails cleaned.

Avoid soaking the tails in water. If any moisture is stuck inside the stuffing for too long, it could mold. I stuff my tails with fur and fabric scraps to avoid being wasteful, which means that it dries differently from pure polyfil.

Avoid excessive amounts of alcohol on tail bases, I use hot glue to secure the area where the elastic straps are sewn in. The glue is on the inside, so it shouldn't be harmed so long as you aren't soaking the base with cleaner. The tail will still hold up if the hot glue is dissolved, though.